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DewText with xampp


This is an application for proof of concept.
The goal is to show dew computing.


This app allows you to create some text files and save it in local and cloud.
The local text content will be synchronized with cloud.
It will automatically synchronize every 10 seconds when you open. But you can click button to make it synchronize.
Every time, you save or delete a file, it will generate a line of log.
Log will be used to synchronize and it will be clear after synchronizing.
Restore option will make local be a copy of cloud. It's used when local content is lost.

To use this:

1. Download.
2. Unzip it.
3. Put it into the directory C:\.
4. start XAMPP.
5. Using a browser to access

Cloud server uses my aws virtual machine. It will be expired in Oct 2019.
The url is
There's no file management and security.
Everything on the cloud can be see and modified by anyone.

Or you can use your own cloud server.
Then you have to going to following files and change all urls.
index.php line 66, 67
synchDew.php line 201


The technique of Local Domain Name System(LDNS) was proposed at Zhebin Kang, "A New Method to implement LDNS in the Cloud-dew Architecture", CSIT Research Report, CS-21, University of Prince Edward Island, Nov.17,2005.

If you really want use this kind of service, you probably can find something more useful and safe other than this.

Rock Chen
Instructor: Yingwei Wang
University of Prince Edward Island